“You're only given one little spark of madness.

You mustn't lose it.”

-Robin Williams



Making bold choices, breaking down scripts and the fundamentals of how to be the most prepared actor in the room is our foundation. Beyond these basic skills, there is a unique spark in YOU.


 By discovering that spark you will realize that you are not competing with other actors, you are simply bringing your light and joy to the parts you play. This concept changed everything for me and I look forward to helping you unlock your magic.  


Whether you are brand new or have been acting for years, there’s always an opportunity to make a breakthrough. Let’s start the journey!








Contact directly for up to date pricing.

Most popular due to flexibility for auditions and 

self tapes.

monthly training.

Contact directly for up to date pricing.

Personalized coaching and big savings! 

4 hours of coaching, expires after 30 days

You can break these up into 30 minute sessions and use them for last minute auditions.  At the end of the month we also do a check in and feedback session where we go into where we saw growth and where we can go next.  This membership is month to month and you are only committed to it one month at a time.  


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