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Nick Huff, Owner and Coach

Virtual Coaching and

Training for Actors

The Actors Spark



No two actors are the same and this individualized work allows me to help actors of all ages and experience levels develop a technique that is rooted in the foundations but is uniquely yours. More joy.  More creativity.  More freedom. 

"Nick stands out as the most remarkable and enlightening mentor I've ever had the privilege of working with. He effortlessly curates a safe, secure and inspiring environment in which artists feel empowered to fearlessly explore their creative depths. He instills an optimistic sense of openness and confidence in tackling obstacles while guiding others to relinquish any self-doubt along the way. In my experience, Nick strives to identify the qualities that make one's acting truly distinctive and unique, nurturing these individual talents at every juncture. His receptive mindset and nurturing demeanor makes him so easy to get along with, and he really does make it a priority to be there for every single one of his students whenever they need him."

-Christina Kydoniefs


"Working with Nick has allowed me to explore multiple choices and deliver my best performance from my own space.  He's very easy to work with and always gives me the right adjustments to enhance my performances."

-Carlos Medina 


"For the past 8 months, I have been working with Mr. Nick as my acting coach. You can tell that he truly loves what he does and is passionate about his craft! His expertise, dedication, and passion for acting have made a remarkable difference in my skills and overall confidence as an actress. He goes above and beyond to create a supportive and nurturing environment that encourages me to explore each role. Although his coaching style is positive and inspirational, he doesn’t hesitate to push me out of my comfort zone, take risks, break through barriers and discover new layers within myself as an actress.  His constructive feedback is always delivered with kindness and clarity which allows me to understand my strengths and areas for improvement without feeling discouraged.  Mr. Nick has certainly ignited my passion for the craft and given me that extra spark!"

 - Ella McCain


"Nick Huff was a lifesaver.   He has a terrific way of working with kids and he makes the prep work that goes into a great audition fun.  He had my daughter laughing, learning, giggling and looking forward to the next audition and the next prep session with him.  It was work but it was also fun and the results were fantastic.  She's grown so much as an actress and gotten some impressive callbacks along the way.  Highly recommend him!!!!"


-Mom of Khloe Grace


I've been training with Nick for over 1 year. Throughout this experience, he has helped me to prepare for cold reads and auditions by training me to analyze a script for the characters' motivation and desires, and to create a backstory for the character to understand the context of the world when given little information on a project. 

He's watched me grow as an actor to create an authentic character for my auditions. 

I recommend The Actor’s Spark to any actor looking to grow and evolve in an ever changing industry. 


-Ben Ferren


"Nick is always really positive and supportive. 

He creates an environment where you feel safe and not afraid to fail." 

-Leonardo Fox


Nick Huff is one of the hardest working and dedicated acting coaches to his clients! I have had the pleasure of working with him for four years. He always knows the perfect way to push me to be my best and achieve my goals. I appreciate the way he challenges me to work outside my comfort zone, and that truly has turned me into the actor that I am today! Thank you Nick for all that you do.   -Caden Miller

My husband and I have had the pleasure of watching our son, Caden Miller grow with Nick not only as an actor, but also as a person for the past four years! It has been truly an honor watching Nick work with Caden. Nick has a very special way of approaching and motivating his clients. The growth that we have witnessed over the past four years in Caden is truly unmeasurable and so very impressive. Nick is truly a gem, and we have been so lucky to have Caden train with such talented actor. Thank you Nick for always challenging  and supporting Caden to be the very best version of himself!   -Branden and Jennifer Miller (Parents of Caden Miller)


"Nick Huff has been my daughter’s acting coach for a little over a year

and let me just say that I see how great this is for her. She is learning so much and getting better. 

She loves working with Nick and I can see the results. She has gained confidence and Nick has helped her express her personality. Nick's coaching is helping her in her acting but these classes also improved her day to day life and interactions with others. Nick Huff  from The Actors Spark is a great coach that I would highly recommend."


-Mom of Mila Ibara


"My son Camden loves working with Nick, he is awesome with him.  He knows how to get Camden excited and energetic for coaching and auditions.  I love that he can relate to working with young child actors being that he started acting young as well. He can get Camden to open up when I can't and he shows that he really cares about him as a person and not just simply as an actor and his career.  We have only been in the business for a little over two years and we are glad to have found a coach who genuinely cares about my kid."

-Mom of Camden Randall


“Being new to the industry, I didn’t know what to expect. Nick has exceeded any and all my expectations and I have grown as an actor in a short period of time. He is truly the best coach ever!” 

-Jacob Perlman


Perfect for your next audition.

I will guide performance and offer thoughts from my experience that will help to find the joy and develop your strong choices.


My most popular

and transformative offering. 

One on one private coaching with Nick weekly that will keep you inspired and accountable.




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As an actor, coach and artist for more than 20 years, I am bringing everything I have learned as an actor and how to navigate this industry to my clients...



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