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Nick Huff, Owner and Coach

Born and raised in Los Angeles, I was 11 years old when I took my first acting class.  I remember feeling such clarity that this was something I wanted to do for the rest of my life.  Thus began my journey of study, discovery and storytelling that has given me a beautiful life in film, television and the professional theatre.   I have studied with masters in scene study, auditioning, improvisation and teachers with unique disciplines from around the world.  Additionally I have been working with Cirque Du Soleil for years and the backbone of my training occurred as a student and company member at the renowned Actors Gang Theatre Company in Culver City, California, led by Academy Award winner Tim Robbins.  


One of my first day jobs was as a teacher for children with special needs in the public school system in Southern California where my love for teaching began.  This formative experience gave me the opportunity to develop arts outreach and see the power of acting as connection and how it can move and reach people.  It really is a foundational aspect of who I am as a person and a coach today.  I see the arts as a service industry and that at our best, we are here to bring people together. 


I was also a SoulCycle instructor in Los Angeles and Las Vegas and I currently am one of the top spin instructors in the country with Lifetime Fitness! 


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